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I have been fascinated with film industry for as long as I can remember, not only the film industry in the United States, but the film industry abroad.  I am speaking of the Japanese film industry and it’s history. The first Japanese film can be dated back to the late 1800’s. This leaves me to believe that they were the first to pioneer the firm industry before the United States.  The Japanese film short stories and silent movies became very popular in the 1920′ and 1930’s.  The history of the Japanese film industry is one of the oldest in the world, beginning more than one hundred years ago. This in a great reason to be respectable of their film and culture.

As the the Japanese film industry progressed in Japan and the United States, there was a need for fans to identify who there favorite actors and actresses were, thus became “Stars”. “Stars” began to get “credit” for playing in various film for various roles, this termed the word “credits” which are displayed at the end of each movie.  A great deal of time had elapsed before any actor or actresses were given credit for there role in a particular firm, many were forgotten…imagine your favorite character or superhero in a movie not receiving credit for his or her role in a move, un heard of, right!

All film history is important, whether it’s Japanese, American, or European.  In every part of the world and every culture of film, the nuts and bolts of any film culture would have to be the film crew…. no actor, actress or producer could make any successful film with out the help of film crew. Film crews take the difficult work load off the actors and actress so they can be exclusive to there craft. Let’s face it, even the start of film, no producer could do all the tasks necessary to produce a “decent” film.

As we examine the history of film, (American European, Japanese etc..)which seems to parallel the culture of it’s people at the time, it was important time in history for that artist to reflect and react according to the times.  Most film producers displayed present day issues which couldn’t be spoken publicly, (often with hidden messages or meaning) due to the fear of retribution form their particular government. I have had many discussion with my brother (who uses funds form his website to support young film makers), who feels very passionate about present day up and coming film makers, using film as an outlet to express themselves regarding present day issues and injustice.

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