The Film Crew

How important are the “little people?”, the people I am referring to are, the film crew!

The Film Crew
The Film Crew


The film crew are a very important group of individuals who work tirelessly to produce an end product for the consumer. Often they are payed a handsome salary for there effort (may be not as much as the stars and co-stars of the film), but their pay is well worth it for the product that is produced.  A quarterback couldn’t be successful with out a team, neither could a producer/ director with out his or her film crew. Let us take a quick look at the make up of a successful film crew and it members.

The film crew make up includes:

  1. Producer
  2. Director
  3. production (Manager/Assistant/Coordinator)
  4. Location Manager (Manager/Scout)
  5. Accountant
  6. Lighting
  7. Electricians
  8. Key Grip
  9. Dolly Grip
  10. Art Department
  11. Set Director
  12. Construction
  13. Costume Design
  14. hair and Make-up
  15. Special Effects
  16. Stunts
  17. Sound/Music

…the list goes on, with out all these key ingredients to a movie,  would you go see your favorite actor or actresses?

The film industry and the filming crew acts as a unit to produce a desired product for the consumer. I think props should be given to all who fit in one or more of the categories listed above and when the credits role, their name(s) should be bolded with importance as well as the stars.  Another important aspect of all the listed names that make up a film crew would be the importance of  transporting everything and everyone to the filming location.  Many times the equipment and construction material have to be transported by semi trailer-truck and if a break down occurs then a reputable towing company must be called such as www.livoniatowbybbs.com.

Transportation is an important component of any film production, without transportation, nothing could take place. Different modes of transportation would include: planes, boats, cars semi-tractor trailers, and the list goes on.  Production of any movie would give a boost to the local economy in the city or town this particular movie is make in.  We must be mindful The list is endless for all those involved directly and indirectly when it comes to making a film.

One important aspects of a film crew is the introduction of special effects.  Many new to filming wouldn’t understand how much time and energy goes into adding special effects to a movie. Special effects puts the added bonus to a movie to enhance the overall viewing of the film, without the added touch of special effects a film would just be average.  Imagine watching a film with your favorite stars on the big screen without sounds from a busy city street corner to enhance the mood and general tone of the movie.  It takes time to edit and cut, and put scenes together to make a movie flow. Special effects could include anything from making night turn to day in the next screen or making your favorite actor or actress fly.

The film crew is a very close net family that works towards a common goal, that is, to produce a desired product for the consumer.  No one person should be left out, if he or she is part of the making of a film, because no super star can take credit for all the makings of a film.

We will at a later date break down the importance of each individual crew member as they relate to the making of a successful film.


Thanks, see you soon!

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