The Producer

The producer plays a very important role in the production of a film. He or she can have many jobs and coordinate many activities within the making of a film.  This highly talent individual is responsible for: setting schedules for shooting, Script writing, casting actors and actresses, the films budget(from start to finish), lighting, the camera crew, casting location and a host of other activities.  The producer is a major contributor of any film that is decent with good quality.  A great film producer will often delegate his responsibilities by continuously using key people from past film, without his or her key people he may not produce the desired results as before.

Past film producer from the early 1900’s to 1940’s took on most of the responsibility of being a producer by fulfilling most, if not all, of the role associated with being a producer. Being a producer at this point was a very exhausting job because he spent most of his time doing all jobs except truly concentrating on his craft.  Although, back in this time frame being a producer wasn’t very rewarding, however, just knowing that you were a major contributor to the “big screen” was saying quite a bit.

Going forward to present day producers, it is one the most prestigious position to have amongst other film titles in the industry.  The honor of being a film maker comes with many perks that didn’t happen in the past.  Now film makers can pass on the audacious task and responsibility of being a producer to his or her subordinates and still receive all accolades (example, my father passing down his business and knowledge) .  This can be done because of a building and finalized reputation of film stardom, over the years.  However, if a film “flops” he could suffer great ridicule and disrespect from his peer and the film industry.  Getting it right and always practicing his craft is best. Too many bad reviews by the film industry could mean no one may want to see films associated with this individual, which consequently could end his or her career.

Producers are the life force of any movie being made, and not everyone is cut out to be a producer. It takes time to develop the skills necessary to become great and admired by all in the film industry. Many actors turned producers seen that it’s not easy being behind the camera because you see things from a whole different perspective. The producer has a very important role and obligation to his crew members, the industry and the fans to produce high quality pictures and film stars.  Without a good producer we wouldn’t attend many of the movies we see today, even if we like a particular star casting in a particular film…. keep it up Mr. producer!(Home)



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