Hello, Ron here, I’m a  27 year-old native of Lansing, MI. I have been enjoying the film industry for as long as I can remember.  It has impacted my life in a positive way and I truly enjoy the history and the making of film.

I come from very humble beginnings were my family couldn’t afford much, but we made due of what we had. I guest we had more love than things, which was ok with me, I believe then and now this is how life is  suppose to be. I guess life has been pretty terrific up into this point in my life.   I remember many days a little lad, running home from school just to watch Leave it to beaver, my favorite show and waiting until midnight to watch the scarest thing I could fine. Film and television has always pacified me when other things in my life weren’t right. I guest you could say I used film as my security blanket.  Well, moving on, I think film has enriched my life because I see different view points from the most talented and gifted director in the world.  Many would find this to be strange, but I see it through my eyes only, and that’s what matters!  Film and Television has always been a major interest of many americans, let face it, with out it how would we receive valuable information regarding our world. (Home)